During the World Championship you can expect not only home runs and New Zealand’s Haka dance, but also a lot of fun. You can enjoy it in the Fanzone located in both ballparks.

In the fanzone you can test your (non)softball skills every day from June 13 to June 23. There’s gonna be a batting cage which is used by the best players all around the world. The youngest can enjoy another fun attraction - a softball field, a bouncing castle where they will not only get tired but maybe they can learn something about softball, too.

But that’s not all. For all softball fans and those who want to get to know softball a little bit we have prepared a series of disciplines that will test how much softball talent you have.

The Best Of Fanzone:

STRIKE OUT - a pitching discipline where you can find out how precise your pitching skills are.

OUTFIELD THROW - how far the outfielder has to be able to throw? And can you do the same?

RABBIT SOFTBALL - we're going to test how agile your legs are when running between bases.

CATCH IT - we're going to give you the chance to try on real softball equipment. Do you think you can catch a softball with a leather glove? Come and try it!

  • Fanzone is not only about fun and games. You can come to see a unique exhibition 55 Years of Softball and Baseball History, which is going to be revealed on the occasion of this year’s World Championship.
  • You should also stop by the official merchandise. Not only can we dress you head to toe, but you can also get all equipment that every good fan should have. The official merch has been prepared for you in cooperation with Kappa. It’s only a limited collection, so chose your favorite pieces now on In the merch stand we also accept cards.
  • Because we know that the World Championship is a world-class event, we wanted to show some of Czech traditions to the foreign fans, so we invited Jaroslav Svoboda’s glass art shop where you can buy decorative glass art memorabilia.
  • Especially the active softball players among all fans will enjoy the chance to look at and also buy the newest softball equipment in the Play-ball merch stand. We’re also going to present to you a new product that everyone would love to “try out”.
  • And last but not least! During all this fun and games you won’t miss one home run because you’re going to have the same service as the fans on the tribunes. How, you ask? Because we had a large-screen LED TV installed, which is going to broadcast not only the best of what happens on the fields but also the most interesting things you can see at this year’s World Championship.