The mascot of Czech softball “Mr. Homerun” is going to have a brand new wardrobe for the World Championship.

The ball is flying far behind the outfielder, all the way behind the homerun fence. Strong arms and wide shoulders. The character of Harry Homerun is supposed to have the main atributes of softball: playfullness and excitement for sport.

While choosing the look of the mascot, the media team was trying to find out how to best portray our sport. At the end there was a softball bat and a homerun. The shape of a bat was technically challenging to make into a comfortable costume which would be easy to move around in, so it was decided that we use a comic book character, Mr. Homerun.

Artist Lukáš Fibich has taken on the challenge of creating the character and after few little changes the artwork was done and given to the makers of the actual costume. The final version could be seen at the European Championship in Havlíčkův Brod. Mr. Homerun was playfully running around the tribunes and entertaining the fans.

It’s not a coincidence that he’s been given #19. It was chosen based on the year of this World Championship. Who has met Mr. Homerun before certainly knows that softball isn’t always only about homeruns but also about the show, which Mr. Homerun is only a small part of.

Mr. Homerun has also bought a new jersey especially for this Championship. Come and take a photo with him! And don’t you forget to put on clothing from our new collection which you can already see on our website.